Midwest Conservation Biomass Alliance: new cross-sector coalition focuses on commerce to catalyze expansion of native grasslands.

“Thumb"A new coalition of industrialists, agriculturalists, natural resource managers, landowners, and researchers has formed with the ambitious goal of expanding Midwest grasslands? by 30 million acres in 30 years. The Midwest Conservation Biomass? Alliance (MCBA), began in early 2013, has set this ambitious goal as a means of improving water and soil quality, increasing wildlife habitat, protecting biodiversity, increasing renewable energy? production, and enhancing rural economic development in ways that will improve the health of large landscapes in the nation’s midsection. The MCBA believes their “30 x 30” goal will be achieved through innovating and promoting grassland-based commerce, particularly bioenergy? in distributed biomass conversion systems. The group’s name is intended to convey the “working lands approach” to conservation that is the group’s core value, and also their belief in cross-sectoral collaboration. Participants share the idea that by working together on a variety of activities, including pilot-scale? and demonstration bioenergy projects, they will collectively help resolve key barriers to the growth of native perennial grassland biomass-based economies and the multiple benefits they deliver to people, wildlife, and the environment. University of Wisconsin Research Scientist, Carol Williams leads the MCBA and is joined by a leadership committee composed of professionals in industry, government, academia, and non-profit organizations from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas.

For more on the Midwest Conservation Biomass Alliance, contact Carol Williams.

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Anerobic Digestion and Biogas

UW Extension have created seven modules focused on the use of anaerobic digestion technologies. Details of the process are introduced, as well as factors that influence start-up, operation and control of anaerobic digesters at different scales.

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A visit to switchgrass? trial plots run by Iowa State University researchers; near Ames, IA. Photo by CL Williams, 2010.